Calgary’s Best Greek Restaurants

Rembetika music and ouzo shots, kleftiko and calamari: it’s all Greek to us. And deliciously so. Here are four of the city’s most plate-smashingly good Greek restaurants.

Kefi Greekhouse and Ouzo Bar
Gregarious staff works hard to make your visit an experience, dancing and smashing plates on this big, bustling room’s centre stage. The food lives up to the vibrant atmosphere. We recommend the spit-roasted lamb ($39). Mains, $20 – $39. 11 9250 Macloed Trail S.E., 403-452-5334.

Parthenon Restaurant
The Vlahos family serves Herculean Greek favourites, including calamari, lamb souvlaki and the platter for two ($52.95), which includes the above plus moussaka and much more. You’ll have enough leftovers to please the most ravenous Greek god. Mains, $19.95 – $24.95. 8304 Fairmount Drive S.E., 403-255-6444.

Broken Plate
Its three locations eschew cliché Mediterranean murals and checkered tablecloths for contemporary décor. Similarly, classic dishes like mussels Mediterraneo in rustic, spicy tomato broth and lobster ravioli in pesto cream sauce have been given a deft update. For better or worse, plate-smashing remains de rigueur. Mains, $22 – $32. 302 10 Street N.W., 403-283-6300, 590 10816 Macleod Trail S.E., 403-225-9650 and 159 1829 Ranchlands Blvd. N.W., 403-239-8887.

Calypso’s Taverna
Kleftiko – slow-roasted lamb – is the house specialty, but Calypso’s menu is full of robust and tempting dishes. The marinated grilled quail and Aegean lasagna with prawns, scallops and crabmeat in cream sauce will have you dancing in the aisles. Mains, $16 – $30. 2101 Centre Street N.W., 403-250-5533.

Image courtesy of Geoff Peters 604.

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