Calgary’s Best Vietnamese

Navigate your way towards a few steaming bowls of noodles and other dishes full of rich fresh flavour with this second installment of XYYC’s Best Eats series: our top picks for Calgary’s Vietnamese.

Pho Minh Chau: While they serve a mean bowl of soup, it’s really all about the number 52 (chicken, noodles and spring rolls, all mixed up in a big bowl with a light tangy sauce). Follow it with a traditional Vietnamese coffee (strong and sweet). 1318 – 9 Avenue SE, (403) 265-2073.

Saigon: Quick service and well-priced, tasty dishes make Saigon a top pick for anyone looking for an affordable lunch spot. Flavourful buns (bowl of noodles) abound. Try the lemongrass chicken and tack on a few of their killer salad rolls to round out your meal. If you have a bit more time, try the Genghis Khan grill: an open-flame grill brought to your table so that you cook up your own meat, douse with an array of sauces, then roll in rice paper. 1221 – 12 Avenue SW, (403) 228-4200.

Trong Khanh: Astoundingly cheap: most dishes are under $10. Some of the best salad rolls in town (served with a tasty bean sauce). Try number 55: barbecued pork atop rice vermicelli tossed in a flavourful fish sauce. 1115 Centre Street N, (403) 230-2408.

Honourable Mentions: Mekong (noodles), 2885 – 17 Avenue SE, (403) 248-1488 and Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine (subs), 209 – 1 Street SE, (403) 265-5452.

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