Calgary’s Most Indulgent Dishes

Moderation is great, but sometimes, nothing beats a good old-fashioned gorging. Here are four of the city’s most calorically rich, gluttonously irresistible dishes, built to satisfy your most hedonistic impulses.

Boogie’s Burgers: Perilous Patties
Devour if you dare Doug’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” burger. This killer sandwich features four beef patties, four bacon slices, two cheddar slices, a fried egg, an all-beef wiener, Boogie’s signature red sauce and (yes, and) “all the fixings.” $15. 908 Edmonton Trail N.E., 403-230-7070.

Tubby Dog: Tubular Gluttony
You’ll need both hands and a spotter to hoist Sherm’s Ultimate Gripper. Its groaning chili-filled bun holds a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped wiener, mustard, banana peppers, sautéed onions, bacon bits, grilled ham and a perfect sunny-side-up fried egg topped with Tubby Dog’s patented “space cheese.” Hold on tight! (Another Tubby delicacy is pictured above.) $9.50. #103 1022 17th Avenue S.W., 403-244-0694.

Catch: Haute Calories
Fast-food shacks are not the sole purveyors of fatty foods. Calories can be haute, too. For proof, try Catch’s braised veal cheek and butter-poached lobster with mascarpone risotto, white asparagus and gremolata. Truly, a meal fit for a (fat) king. $49. 100 Eighth Avenue S.E., 403-206-0000.

Laurier Lounge: Pinguid Poutine
Trot out that old nugget about skinny French people who eat loads of duck fat; it’ll offer some comfort as you indulge in this heart-stopper. Pulled duck confit with Quebec cheese curd, dried cranberries and gravy: This is duck (preserved in fat) topped with cheese (fat) and gravy (fat). $20. 1111 Seventh Street S.W., 403-228-3771.

Image courtesy of Geoff S.

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