Calgary’s Top Five Hangover Cures

Calgary is not friendly to hangovers. The days are always painfully sunny, and endless construction means your headache isn’t leaving anytime soon. Fortunately, the city’s restaurants offer some solid culinary cures for the morning after. Here, some of the finest.

Diner Deluxe
Two words: meatloaf hash. A big piece of meat and two eggs rest on hash browns and a bed of spinach. Not that you care about the spinach. 804 Edmonton Trail NE, 403-276-5499.

Bistro 2210
The weekend brunch at this fairly posh spot includes a dish as dirty as you: the breakfast poutine. Think peppered fries drowned in gravy and cheese curds, and topped with soft-poached eggs. 2210 4th St. SW, 403-228-4528.

Silver Dragon
Nothing could be better for a lazy, hungry man: Staff will bring you little boxes of food until you fall over. Go for sticky rice, water chestnut pudding and anything that fits anywhere in the “meat bun” family. 106 3rd Ave. SE, 403-264-5326.

Original Joe’s
We tend to avoid chains, but this OJ’s got its start in Calgary. Plus, they offer the perfect breakfast sandwich in the Belch: doughy bread, greasy bacon, scrambled eggs. So long, hangover. Locations vary.

The Palomino Smokehouse
The Palomino’s menu is basically designed for hungover dudes. The Hangover Hash is the obvious bet, but if you’re with a group, get the Fat-Ass Platter, which is basically a barnyard, slaughtered, cooked and dropped on your table. 109 7th Ave. SW, 403-532-1911.

Image courtesy of -mrsraggle-.

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