Review: Canadian Club Barbecue Sauce

Firing up the grill for the weekend? And every other weekend this summer? Good stuff—we’re pro-grilling all-day, everyday.

So, those being your plans, may we recommend something in a barbecue sauce? We’re also pro-whisky, and this sauce very conspicuously involves whisky. Canadian Club whisky. They make four sauces: Hickory Bold (very strong, smoky flavour), Chicken and Ribs (sweet and tomato-based), Honey Smoke (sweet with garlic; light smoke), and Honey Garlic (like the previous sauce, sweet with garlic, but a much bolder flavour). How can you get your hands on it? Check this page—you can get it pretty much across the country.

Oh, and if you need further barbecue tips, we can recommend something for that too.

Photo courtesy of John Liu.

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