Corona’s New Sleek Cans

Fun story about the lime in Corona: once upon a time, Mexican bartenders would use a wedge of lime to ward fruit flies away from open bottles of beer. Confused white people thought that a lime wedge was an authentic Mexican touch, and—guess what?—they also found it delicious.

That story may or may not be true. Ask ten bartenders and you’ll get ten different stories about the lime in Corona. We do know that lime in light beer is delicious, perhaps evidenced by the many lagers that now come with lime flavouring.

Anyway, Corona is launching a new sleek can that weighs in at 355ml, but never fear. You can still throw a lime in there. We tried it. Here’s the secret: cut your lime wedge a tad thinner.

Anyway, we like the new sleek cans over bottles. Bottles are heavier, and we’ve had too many camping nights nearly ruined by broken glass. Here’s something else, though: light is not beer’s friend. If you’ve ever tasted skunked beer, you can thank sunlight for that little treat. Cans let in no light, so you’re set.

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