Green & Black’s

Do you like your chocolate to be high-quality—smooth texture, no graininess, high cocoa liquor content, quality ingredients, and that characteristic chocolate ‘snap’? Of course—who doesn’t?

But do you like your chocolate to be organic and fair-trade? Ah, now we’re talking. Green & Black’s can provide both those things, all in high-quality chocolate.

Green & Black’s buys their organic cocoa beans from smallholder farmers in Belize. They received the UK’s first Fairtrade Mark for a chocolate product (ours sport one from TransFair Canada), and they’ve been producing chocolate that’s both eco-friendly and ethical ever since. And since we know you’ll check, they also sport a Canada Organic logo.

Ginger — A dark chocolate bar (60% cocoa) with bits of caramelised ginger inside, which brings little bursts of heat and sweet to the party.

Dark 70% — Something for the truly bitter chocolate fan.

Butterscotch — Milk chocolate with little pieces of butterscotch. Sweet? Extremely. But nicely balanced.

White — We know that white chocolate technically isn’t chocolate, but whatever. It’s delicious.

Spiced Chili – If you’ve never tried chocolate with chilie, put it on your list. This bar also had a bit of ginger, cassia, star anise, and cloves to create that warming feeling.

Almond – Milk chocolate with roasted almonds is an old favourite for a reason.

Maya Gold – Orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla over a backdrop of dark chocolate (60% cocoa); this concoction is pretty heady.



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