Hardwood Grill

Inspired by grills used for asado (which makes sense, because South America is home to the biggest beef consuming countries it the world), this grill is fuelled by hardwood, for that unique taste that makes meat taste great.

This grill comes with a flywheel, which allows you to raise or lower the grate by 16”, in order to control your cooking. The grill is also on a slight angle, which directs fat into a drip pan, thus avoiding flair-ups. Air and heat are funnelled around in such a way that the back of the grill has the highest temperature (ideal for searing) and the bottom has the lowest. The back also has a rotisserie split, because nothing beats wood-fired chicken.

The Gourmand’s Natural Hardwood Grill comes in two sizes: a 24” grill ($2,500), and a 42” grill ($5,000).

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