Homping Grill

Want to capture the communal cooking and noshing experience that is fondue, just without, well . . . the fondue? No worries. Just replace the most pretentious of cooking methods with a sweet grill. Specifically, the Homping grill ($200).

It has a lot of cool technology behind it. It’s compact and portable, and you only need to wash two pieces of it when you’re done. Charcoal is the fuel of choice, but you also use a special ignition gel that will heat your charcoal up right away—in fact, you can hit 400°F in four minutes. There’s even a little knob you can use to control level of heat, which is pretty impressive in a charcoal grill. Finally, the grate has a non-stick ceramic coating. Communal cooking just got a little easier—and way more delicious.

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