Review: Jeremiah Weed Spiked Iced Tea

Perhaps you’ve heard of Jeremiah Weed before. If you’re shopping south of the border, it’s a brand primarily known for their flavoured bourbon liquor. In the UK, they’re known for their ‘cider brews’, whatever that might mean. Well, Jeremiah Weed is in Canada now, and here, they’re all about spiked iced tea.


Yes, really, and yes, it’s pretty good. You can get your Jeremiah Weed spiked iced tea in three flavours: peach, raspberry, and lemon. The peach is upfront, sharp, and sweet, giving way to malt and black tea quickly. In the raspberry, the alcohol is more obvious. The lemon is the most understated flavour, and I think the best.

The nice thing about all the flavours is they have a definite black tea taste—if you’ve ever steeped and chilled black tea, you know what I’m talking about. It isn’t an artificial taste, like you’d find in fountain pop iced tea. It helps that the source of the alcohol is malt, which compliments the tea flavour more than something like vodka ever could.

Bottom line: for an alchopop, this ain’t bad. It’s not overly sweet, each can of spiked iced tea is comparable to a can of beer, and you won’t feel too much like a frat boy if you bring a sixer to your next softball game.

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