Learn to Cook in Vancouver

The old adage says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s true for women, too. Impress your lady by learning how to cook – or drag her along with you and reap the benefits for years to come. Here, Vancouver’s best cooking schools.

The Dirty Apron (pictured above)
Former Chambar sous-chef David Robertson draws on his background in classic French cuisine – and his industry connections, bringing in guest teachers like DB Bistro Moderne chef Stephane Istel. Inspired by Julie & Julia, Robertson’s French cooking class, You & Julia, will soon bring ample boeuf bourguignon into your life. $170. 540 Beatty St., 604-879-8588.

Tucked behind this food boutique is a studio that hosts classes like the Regional Italian Cooking from La Quercia, taught by the chef and owner of the critics’ favourite Kitsilano restaurant, Adam Pegg. 1780 West 3rd Ave., 604-731-4645.

Bring Hy’s Steakhouse into your home following Hy’s Prime Rib Feast class, taught by the steakhouse chef. You’ll learn about beef cuts, planning and preparing, roasting techniques and how to make tasty sides, including the restaurant’s famous six-cheese toast. The Cookshop also offers courses in Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisines. $99, or $169 for two. 555 West 12th Ave., 604-873-5683.

Raw Foundation
Learn to cook without actually cooking at the Raw Foundation’s Living on Live Foods course. It’s more than just wheatgrass shots; you’ll learn how to make respectable raw food facsimiles of classics like lasagna and chocolate cake. $150. 303 – 1540 West 2nd Ave., 778-839-8424.

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