Mixologist: Black Grouse Julep

Looking for a fall cocktail, but willing to admit that winter is right around the corner and fall was probably last Tuesday? Break out your Black Grouse; the sugar and grape juice give this take on the julep sweetness, but the Scotch balances it out nicely with some smoky Orkney peat.


3 oz. Black Grouse
Grape juice
Splash of soda
Fresh mint
Lemon wedge


Put the mint, sugar, and a touch of the whisky in the bottom of a mixing glass and muddle. Let it set for a minute, then strain into a tumbler. Fill the tumbler with ice, then add a splash of soda, the rest of the whisky, and fill the remainder with grape juice. Garnish with a mint leaf, and, if you like, a lemon wedge.

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