Mixologist: Canadian Bacon Caesar

Okay, you can actually use whatever type of bacon you want (and we have some thoughts on that), but we insist on Iceberg Vodka. It’s pretty much the little vodka that could: initially considered a novelty, even by its investors, vodka made from some of the purest water in the world by unpretentious Newfoundlanders now wins gold medals in the spirits world. If that’s not a Canada Day success story, we don’t know what is.


1 oz. Iceberg Vodka
2 dashes of hot sauce
3 grinds of salt and pepper
4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
Five ounces of Mott’s Clamato cocktail
Lime wedge
Celery salt
Coarsely ground pepper
Canadian bacon slice


Fill a glass with ice. Slide the lime wedge along the rim of a mason jar, then dip the rim in the celery salt and ground pepper. Add Iceberg Vodka, hot sauce, salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce and Mott’s Clamato cocktail and stir gently. Garnish with a slice of Canadian bacon and skewered olives.

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