Mixologist: Green Line

Need a vodka with a little more flavour than the quest for clarity that is traditional vodka, but a little less flavour than the neon stuff they market to very young adults? Goods news, there is a happy medium: herbal vodka. We’re fans of Wódka Żołądkowa Gorzka, an amber coloured, fruity and herbaceous number with a vaguely medicinal finish. Try it out in this cocktail:


1 1/3 oz Wódka Żołądkowa Gorzka
1/3 oz fresh lemon juice
1 1/3 oz pineapple juice
5-6 cucumber slices
1 can/bottle of lemon-lime soda


Fill a tall glass with ice cubes and 5-6 cucumber slices. In a shaker, combine Wódka Żołądkowa Gorzka, fresh lemon juice and pineapple juice. Shake contents and pour into the glass. Top up with lemon-lime soda and serve.

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