Mixologist: Mojito

Don’t think of the mojito as a girly drink—it bears the Earnest Hemingway stamp of approval, and if a hard-drinking, hard-fighting, big game fisherman like Hemingway could love the mojito, you can too.

The mojito was actually invented in a Havana bar in 1942: La Bodeguita del Medio, and it’s been associated with the island ever since. That’s why we’re using Havana Club in ours.


2 teaspoons of sugar
Juice of half a lime
Fresh mint springs, stalks included
4 oz. sparkling water
1.5 oz Havana Club


In a tall glass, add sugar, lime juice (which should cover the sugar), mint, and sparkling water. Muddle very gently; too hard, and you bruise the mint and release bitter flavours (for more on mint, check out the Drunken Botanist). Add ice and Havana Club.

Photo courtesy of janthepea

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