Montreal’s Best Indie Ice Cream

If we learned anything from a stifling Grand Prix weekend, it’s that ice cream season has begun. (And that tube tops are really, really awesome.) Avoid the mass-produced ice cream of grocery stores and low-end parlours: Stick to creameries that make their own cold, sweet treats from fresh ingredients.

Go to this popular Outremont spot on even a vaguely warm night and you will wait in line. But, with generous scoops, creative flavour combinations (like the King Kong, banana and chocolate) and sweet, sharp gelatos, it’s worth the wait. 1311 Bernard Ave. W., (514) 276-0414.

Recently re-opened after a fire devastated the building that housed it for nearly two decades, Ripples is a Main mainstay, a narrow little parlour that serves all the traditional flavours, as well as inventive stuff like Halva, Ginger and Kulfi (the latter based on the Indian dessert). 3880 St-Laurent Blvd., (514) 842-1697.

Havre Aux Glaces
A perfect break from your shopping at either of the city’s major markets, Havre Aux Glaces offers seasonally-flavoured gelato made with care and plenty of thought, like the Pear Cider variety, say, or Sicilian Blood Orange. Jean-Talon and Atwater Markets, (514) 278-8696.


The 28-year-old establishment has a full menu, but the real story is the mind-blowing gelato – perhaps better than anything you’ll ever taste in Rome. It’s worth the trek to deepest Little Italy to sample the spiky lemon flavour or the rich, subtle hazelnut. Simply the best gelato in town. 2221 Belanger St. E., (514) 374-9844.

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