Replacing Food

Rob Rhinehart isn’t a man abides inefficiency, if there’s one thing that’s horribly inefficient, it’s the way we grow, distribute, process, and cook food. Our level of food waste in this country is atrocious, we’ve got people affected by obesity and people affected by malnutrition, and sometimes a guy just doesn’t want to spend the time making three meals a day.

That’s why Rhinehart has stopped eating, mostly, and he’s never been happier. He did so by inventing ‘Soylent’, a drink consisting of every substance a human needs to survive, along with a few others he things are beneficial. Olive oil and table salt are the only things that are recognizable as food in Soylent. In fact, here are the ingredients, if you want to make you own, and assuming you’ve got a background in chemistry.

Amazingly, he’s been at it for two months.

This is a test