Review: Nespresso Pixie

Some people have the patience for twelve-hour slow drip coffee. Some people like coffee machines that can be confused with the international space station. Some people want to hand-pull their coffee.

Know what? If that’s what you like, hats off to you. We won’t judge. But we also don’t have time for that kinda stuff. We like to keep it simple, which is why we have a Nespresso Pixie ($250).

What We Like

It’s simple. You put a capsule in the top, put your cup on the bottom, and hit a button. Done.

It’s compact. Live in a condo? No more space for kitchen gadgets? We hear you. This thing is a mere eleven inches wide.

Heats up fast. Twenty-five to thirty seconds. Pretty quick for espresso.

19-bar pressure pump. Pressure is pretty important for maximising espresso flavour. Don’t know much about that? Don’t worry, with this machine, do don’t actually have to know much of the under the hood details. It just works.

Takes care of spent capsules. They get ejected into an internal receptacle that holds ten.

Freshness. Nespresso capsule are hermetically sealed, so the grind is as fresh as the day it was ground.

What We Don’t

Price. No way around it: a capsule for the Nespresso is more expensive than the equivalent amount bought in bulk. That said, we think it’s a fair trade-off that the capsules keep your coffee grind fresh in a way that a big bag of coffee just can’t be.

The Bottom Line

This’ll be the simplest cup of espresso you ever make. No compromise on deliciousness either.

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