Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival

Like beer festivals? Us too. That’s why we’ll be at the third annual Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, August 9 & 10.

Who else will be there? Twenty awesome Ontario craft breweries, including Steam Whistle, Black Oak Brewing, Mill Street, Beau’s Brewing, Great Lakes Brewing, and Lake of Bays. (Not sure why you should care? Watch this space; we’ll use a couple of Tasting Notes columns to tell you why.) Oh, an a bunch of sweet food trucks like Fidel Gastro, Gorilla Cheese, and Dr. J’s BBQ will be there. All in all, it promises to be a pretty great affair, and you can get tickets for $20 (or $25 at the gate).

Alternatively . . . we can give you some tickets. Yep, we have a couple of Sunday tickets hanging ‘round the office. Just sign up for our newsletter below, and we’ll pick a winner next Monday. See you there!

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