Shipwreck Whisky

If you’re a Scotch connoisseur and a history buff to boot, with perhaps £3,000 to spend and a non-Canadian address, then have we got a deal for you. Two bottles recovered from the wreck that inspired Whisky Galore! are up for auction.

The SS Politician, containing 28,000 cases of whisky, left port in Liverpool in 1941, bound for Kingston, Jamaica. She ran around in the Outer Hebrides during rough weather, and her valuable cargo was salvaged by the inhabitants of Eriskay, who buried much of the whisky to hide it from a nosey customs officer. The event inspired a book, play, and movie, because the idea of a few dozen Scotsmen looting and hiding thousands of bottles of whisky from an incensed customs officer is comedy gold.

Anyway, two of the bottles are up for sale from Scotch Whisky Auctions. The auction will end on May 5.

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