Sponsored: Cinco de Mayo Three Ways

What is Cinco de Mayo? It’s the fifth of May, of course, and as far as May holidays go, it’s pretty great. Not quite get-a-day-off-work-for-the-Queen great, but it’s way better than Clean Up Your Room Day. Yeah, we’ll take celebrations of Mexican culture over vacuuming anytime.

Why grill on a Monday night? Why not? Spring is in full swing, so call the neighbours over, fire up the grill, and celebrate the end of a long winter with a big Cinco de Mayo party.

Before you even start heating the grill, though, get a couple of Mexican appetizers and a pitcher of margaritas sorted. We suggest spicy smoked cornbread to begin with. Only familiar with sweet cornbread? Well, you’re in for a treat. This cornbread is made with red peppers and smoked paprika—and for an extra kick, make it in a cast iron pan instead of a loaf pan.

Up next, queso fundido. What’s queso fundido, you ask? It’s delicious melted cheese with a Mexican kick, that’s what. Serve it bubbling hot with some tortillas for dipping.

Finally, no cocktail pairs with outdoor festivities quite like the margarita. Spend more time with your friends instead of in the kitchen by mixing a pitcher of Tromba margaritas using—what else?—Tequila Tromba, a fine 100% agave tequila that’s also great neat.

Tequila Tromba Blanco is available from the LCBO. For more tequilas, cocktails, and recipes, visit Tequila: Spirit of Mexico.

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