Sponsored: Cinco de Mayo Three Ways

What is Cinco de Mayo, aside from fifth of May in Spanish? Well, it commemorates a victory over French forces that time France decided to invade Mexico during the nineteenth century. More broadly, it’s a celebration of Mexican culture.

Okay, we’ll admit it: hockey doesn’t usually factor into celebrations of Mexican culture. Then again, the playoffs are happening in May, and we don’t mind switching out our regular beer ‘n pretzel routine for delicious Mexican food and tequila.

Feel the same way? Good. So here’s what you do when Cinco de Mayo rolls around: head to the liquor store for a bottle of Sauza Silver, and then go to the butcher shop and pick up a couple pounds of tri-tip. If you really like meat—and we do—get some chorizo too. The night before the game, start making your Tex-Mex tri-tip wraps; although, “start making” really means season the meat and then refrigerate it, because this recipe is pretty simple and mainly involves a man and a grill.

An hour before the game, right before you grill your meat, whip up a pitcher of tequila Caesars with your bottle of Silver. Remember the chorizo? When the boys arrive, serve ‘em their tequila Caesars in glasses rimmed with cayenne salt and garnished with chorizo. We can’t promise a great game, but you’ll have great food, great friends, and great tequila Caesars garnished with chorizo, and three out of four ain’t bad.

Sauza Silver is available from the LCBO. For more tequilas, cocktails, and recipes, visit Tequila: Spirit of Mexico

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Photo courtesy of Vancity Allie

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