SPONSORED: Top 5 Montreal After-Hours Eats

We promise we’ll get to the poutine, but: the awesome thing about having a vibrant food culture like Montreal is the wide range, in price, cuisine, and sheer number, of after-hours eats avalible. It was tough narrowing it down to just five, but whether you’re in the mood for something fancy, something classic, or something greasy, Montreal has what you need.

1. Milos

Hey, didn’t we see this in Vegas? Actually, yes. This Greek spot has locations in London, Athens, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, but they’ve been in Montreal for three decades and their late night menu is a consistent bright spot in the city. Served from 10PM until midnight, you get a $26 prix-fixe with a starter, main, and dessert. We like the tomato salad, followed by dorade, ending with baklava.

2. L’Assommoir

We like the idea of two for one, and there happen to be two locations for L’Assommoir—one in Mile End and one in Old Montreal. For $22, you get one of their delectable little plates, like ceviche or tartar, with one of their 300+ cocktails. It runes 10PM to 1AM from Sunday to Thursday, and 11PM to 1AM on Friday and Saturday.

3. Moishes

It’s no secret that we love a good steakhouse, so obviously we love a steakhouse with a good late night menu. From Thursday to Saturday, 9PM to midnight, you can get a $25 prix-fixe that’s pretty generous, considering it includes a rib steak that’s regularly $49.

4. Leméac

Want something sophisticated after 10PM? Then take advantage of Leméac $25, entrée and main prix-fixe. Start with homemade organic pork rillettes or salmon smoked in-house, and end with braised beef shortrib, truffle oil salmon tartar, or duck confit. Also, if you happen to have a vegetarian in your party, this is one of the few Montreal spots suitable to those needs.

5. La Banquise

La Banquise, if you’re a Montrealer, needs no introduction. But if you haven’t had the pleasure: they’ve been serving poutine since 1968, they have over twenty types of poutine on the menu, and they’re there for you no matter what hour you call it a night because they’re open twenty-four hours. You could get a burger—but what’s Montreal without poutine?

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