The Barfly Gift List

We recommend plenty of beers and spirits around here, but what about the other accouchements necessary to being a world-class barfly? Presented here are five things for the party animal on your list.

WC Whitefield’s Mixed Drinks & Cocktails

Every bar needs a bartender, and there are few better than WC Whitefield. First published in the late thirties, this illustrated guide has hundreds of possible drinks and plenty of useful advice.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Red wine should properly breath before you drink it. However, letting red wine sit around breathing is a terrible waste of drinking time, so you can speed the whole process up with an aerator. You just fill the bowl, listen to your Vinturi draw air, and then enjoy your wine.

Steam Whistle Wall Mounted Opener

Every home bar needs a wall-mounted opener, preferably one with a cap catcher. Of course, this little guy isn’t just good for home bars. Decks, cottages, workbenches, fridges, and game rooms could all be improved with a bottle opener.

Igloo Party Cooler

What makes this cooler a party cooler? It’s mounted on four castors that make it easy to move when full, has 16 water-resistant LED lights that’ll light up your brews once the sun goes down, and has a very handy bottle opener with a bin for catching caps.

The Drinking Jacket

And what makes this jacket awesome for drinking? It’s zipper is a bottle opener, it has a can and bottle pocket, it comes with built-in drinking mitts, has slip-resistant grips, a hidden flask pocket, an ID and money pocket, a pocket for holding sunglasses, and more. Going tailgating?



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