The Espresso Machine Roundup

The Starbucks revolution may have brought espresso and its offspring – lattes, cappuccino and more – into mainstream North American food culture, but we’re of the belief that espresso-making isn’t the exclusive domain of nose-ringed baristas; indeed, a good espresso machine is an essential part of any man’s kitchen. Here, four of our favourites.

Breville Café Roma ESP8XL
More than a bare bones entry-level machine, this easy-to-use stainless steel number, from esteemed Australian appliance maker Breville, makes perfect lattes and offers a handy cup warmer for your chrome cups, which are included. $199.99. Buy it here.

Krups XP4050 Traditional
This sleek machine balances tradition with technology, offering the old-school charm of a pump machine with a host of automated features, including the ability to customize the size and strength of your beverage. Normally priced in the $400 range. $199.99. Buy it here.

Gaggia Titanium
Think of this stout entry as a small, automated Italian butler: He’ll dose, grind and tamp your beans at the touch of a button, and he’s equally handy with the cleanup, disposing of the used grounds with ease. Unlike most butlers, however, the Titanium comes with a sleek digital display. $1349.95. Buy it here.

Jura Impressa F9
With Internet connectivity and the ability to regulate everything from water hardness to froth temperature, this precision instrument might just be smarter than you. It’s perfect for espresso obsessives who will delight in features like cup illumination – Star Trek-esque beams of light that shine on your joe. $2,295. Buy it here.

Image courtesy cdwaldi on Flickr.

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