Toronto’s Top 10 Tacos

Torontonians are spoiled with a plethora of fine taquerias, along with some other spots offering modern interpretations of the classic Mexican dish. Here, a countdown of Toronto’s top 10.

10. La Tortilleria: Alambre
Beef is braised, then shredded and spiced heavily with ancho chili powder. $2.50. 68 Wales Ave., 416-546-5516.

9. The Drake Hotel: Trout
Pan-seared trout with cabbage and fresh salsa makes for one heck of an haute taco. $10. 1150 Queen St. W., 416-531-5042.

8. Tacos El Asador: Crispy Chicken
A hard shell is filled with moist morsels of fiery chicken and house-made salsa verde. $2. 690 Bloor St. W., 416-538-9747.

7. La Tortilleria: Chicharron
Stewed pork rind needs no topping beyond simple cilantro and onion. $2.50.

6. Mexitaco: Cochinita Pibil
Shredded pork is stewed, then baked and topped with crunchy, pink pickled onions. $2. 828 Bloor St. W., 416-537-6693.

5. Johny Banana: Pork & Roll
Chipotle spiked pork is stir-fried with pineapple and onion, and topped with gooey cheese. $2.50. 181 Bathurst St. 416-341-0101.

4. Perola’s: Cochinita con Queso
Pork, cooked all day, is covered with melted cheese and finished on the grill. $2.50. 247 Augusta Ave., 416-593-9728.

3. Tacos El Asador: Chorizo
This Salvadorian gem features a double layer of white corn tortillas stuffed with spicy sautéed bits of succulent chorizo. $2.

2. Dos Amigos: Pastor
Pork marinated with pineapple has a perfect balance of textures and flavours: It’s soft, salty, sweet and rich. $7.95 (4). 1201 Bathurst St., 416-534-2528.

1. Mexitaco: Suadero
The finest: Homemade flour tortillas, sautéed onions and fatty beef caramelized on the grill combine for crispy perfection. $2.

Image courtesy of hovering dog on Flickr.

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