Video: How to Drink Soju

In fairness, we’ve got no idea whether this is a commercial or not (which is frequently our reaction to Japanese and Korean TV), but here’s Psy demonstrating thirteen different ways to take a shot of soju . . . or any drink, really, since the liquid is pretty immaterial when it comes to your shot technique.

What’s soju, you say? Well, it’s a clear, distilled spirit from Korea, comparable to vodka, made with rice, although other starches are used sometimes. Oh, and Jinro soju is the world’s best selling liquor in terms of volume (Psy is drinking Chamisul soju, which also does huge sales). That’s right, this liquor you’ve never heard of is outselling everything, although if everyone drinks the amount Psy does, then no wonder.

[youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

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