Your Custom Whiskey Brand

Gentlemen, I have two words for you: Custom. Whisky.

Yeah, that’s right. Imagine having your own brand of the brownest of the brown liquors. Say, for your bar, your company, or yourself. Well, Mississippi River Distilling Company could make that happen for you, assuming you can get an American liquor store to take delivery for you.

When these guys say custom whiskey, they mean it. You get to choose the grain bill, the yeast, the barrel, the age, and the proof. We assume that there are some limitations (based on what they have on hand), but that’s still pretty neat. It’s an expensive process, though. You pay $3000 to the company for the barrel, and then another $3000 to the liquor store that takes your delivery. A whole barrel, by the way, works out to about 160 bottles, assuming you go for 80 proof. All in all, it’s a different game than when other distillers will offer casks for sale (as Shelter Point did, bless that distillery).

So, what are you waiting for? Aside from the tyranny of puritanical liquor laws that prevent you from ordering any product that the provincial monopolies don’t approve of?

This is a test