Bear Grylls Survival Academy

His show may kind of suck, but there’s no denying that Bear Gryllls is one tough lunatic. He’s ex-SAS, survived a parachute accident, climbed Everest, and has subsequently done a bunch of other crazy outdoor stuff. If you really want to be like the Bear, we suppose you can try and join the SAS too. Alternatively, you can enrol in one of his survival courses, which are coming to North American for the first time this fall.

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy will teach you how to trap, forage, skin and gut things, navigate, build emergency shelters’, tie knots, hike a lot, and a bunch of other skills you might have picked up in Scouts, had your scout troop not been run by a bunch of accountants wearing children’s uniforms. Bear Grylls himself might even show up, proving that this isn’t an adult version of Camp Krusty. It’s coming to New York this November, and promises to be the most fun you can have in the Catskills . . . or the only fun. Prices aren’t announced yet, but given that their UK courses can run about three grand, that’s probably a good ballpark.

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