Co-ed Summer Sports in Montreal

As we enter the peak time to socialize, play and relax, don’t let eastern Canada’s unbearably short summer season pass you by in the confines of your office space. Adult Co-Ed Sports Leagues provide an opportunity to meet new, fun and like-minded people; relaxing with a cold beer (well, also your new co-ed group of friends) after a triumphant win. Montreal boasts many summer leagues in an array of different sports and levels to suit any age and ability. All fees listed include league administration, prizes for winners and, arguably most importantly, specials at the sponsor store and bar. We recommend registering soon, as many leagues are kicking off this month.

Slap Shot
The NHL season may have come to a quick end for the Montreal Canadiens, but the floor hockey season is just beginning for city-based co-ed adult leagues. Don’t worry, banker types: These leagues are NO CONTACT, so you can keep your pretty face intact. Fee to join alone is $86.90, and can be marginally reduced if you organize a full team joining. Price includes 12 games, and most equipment, except hockey sticks and goalie pads. Games run Mondays after 6 p.m., and last about 55 minutes.

Home Run
Not so good with the ladies? Here’s your chance to hit a home run anyway. Softball leagues attract many players of all abilities. Join a beginner league for a stress-free good time, or take your sport a little more seriously at the intermediate or advanced levels. Game days are flexible and can run any day from Monday to Thursday and Sunday. Each session provides about 85 minutes of exercise and dugout mingling. Fee includes 11 weeks of play and non-personal equipment like bases; obviously, bring your own gloves, bats and softballs. ($92.17/player).

As the sexiest summertime sport, beach volleyball provides more nudity, sweat and tan lines than any other outdoor game. Keep it intimate and competitive with 4 on 4, or take it fun and recreational with 6 on 6. For 16 weeks, spend 85 minutes soaking up the sun while working your abs as you jump, spike, volley and bump. Grab a few friends from work and make a team ($768.05) or join individually ($197.500). In either case, you are guaranteed to meet a few hotties in the sand.

Ultimate Fun
Since its late-’60s creation by a student at a New Jersey high school, Ultimate Frisbee has spread like a virus all over North America, Europe and Australia. Montreal has jumped on this bandwagon with an array of leagues and teams across the city. This 5 on 5 game is the ultimate sport, as it involves 55 minutes of focus, accuracy and stamina. Join with a team ($658) or individually ($79.88) and take pleasure in 12 weeks of play.

Cleats and Turf
Perhaps the most serious of summer sports, don’t jump into this one if you are not ready to compete. Summer soccer leagues attract highly athletic adults from all walks of life. Even the recreational levels attract above-average players. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions are a favourite with 6 on 6 co-ed teams, and offer a grass field (as opposed to turf) and a reasonable price ($79/player).

Image courtesy of Conanil.

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