Hipster J.A. Happ’s Guide to Toronto ‘Hoods

Pitcher J.A. Happ may not be content with assuming his role as the Toronto Blue Jays’ sixth starter/Buffalo Bisons ace, but that won’t stop him or his parody twitter account from mocking the neighbourhoods in which, if all goes according to plan, he’ll spend as little time as possible in 2013.

If you missed Part 1, the Happster listed his favourite spots to consume frothy cappuccinos and micro-brewed pale ales. This time he rounds up some of the more iconic Toronto neighbourhoods along with the MLB team most likely to hang out there, with debatable accuracy.

Even though the Cubs haven’t won in forever and the Angels are mostly just a pile of money, it seems a bit unfair to equate two of the largest markets in baseball with Toronto’s most unwelcoming proto-slums. While we largely agree with the others, Regent Park has benefited from neither a run of success in the mid-’90s nor a film trilogy starring Charlie Sheen.

[H/T Getting Blanked]

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