How to Survive in Calgary’s Great Outdoors

Attention wannabe Livingstons, Shackletons and Hillarys: There’s no following in the footsteps of great adventurers without mastering some basic outdoor skills first. Lucky for you, the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre offers wilderness adventure courses for novice to know-it-all this spring and summer.

Outdoor Survival
Sure, you rocked that tattered tank top at the last tribal challenge, but being a real survivor is about practical matters like survivor psychology, first-aid and shelter building. This immunity-idol-free course focuses on strategy and planning, and includes an overnight camp-out. May 25 – 29, September 21 – September 25. $275.

Wildlife Tracking
Can’t discern bear crap from bunny poo? Cougar claws from kitty paws? This holistic wildlife course starts with an in-class intro to animal tracks, local ecotourism, wildlife research and anti-poaching projects. Get your Mark Trail on during a knowledge-testing field trip. June 12 and July 23. $65.

Adventure Medic
When accidents and injuries strike on safari, you may literally hold a life in your hands. This certification course is valid for three years and recommended for avid outdoor enthusiasts. Learn to assess patients, perform CPR and wield an automated external defibrillator (AED). June 6 – 10 or June 15 – 19. $425.

Map Reading Clinics
This prerequisite for compass reading and GPS classes may sound simple, but the truth is, most urban warriors would benefit from this nuts-and-bolts primer for getting from A to B in the wild. Safe passage depends on one simple skill: Your ability to read a topographical map. June 2 or July 14. $30.

Image courtesy of ludie cochrane.

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