March Madness Apps

Still reeling from the first round of March Madness? Who saw Harvard coming? No one, that’s who.

Anyway, here are a few apps that’ll improve your mood regarding the big dance.

NCAA Sports
The best thing about this app is live streaming games, no matter where you are; take note, other sports. Add video highlights, team news, and social plugins that enable coast-to-coast smack-talk, and you’ve got yourself one solid app.

University Wallpapers
Why on earth would you need wallpapers of over sixty schools? Aside from flying your team colours, you can make losing members of your pool change their wallpaper to a team of your choice. It’ll be North Carolina A&T State for you, Andrew from accounting.

Pocket Bracket
Finally, the tyranny of our father’s paper-and-ruler bracket is at an end. Pocket Bracket will keep track of all your brackets, manage a pool, and you can even invite people to join your pool via email, Facebook, text, and twitter.

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