Perks of the Prostate Massage

Three cheers for science! Recent studies indicate that an ejaculation a day keeps the doctor away.
A Harvard study of 30,000 subjects found that guys who spill their seed more than 20 times a month are 33% less likely to develop prostate cancer than more monkish men who are stimulated less than seven times a month. It’s believed the increased activity cleans the prostate, flushing away toxins that could cause cancer. A sort of reverse colonic.

At Toronto’s sex shop Come As You Are, these findings aren’t news. In fact, for the past few years, the store has been offering a prostate massage workshop for men (and women) interested in a pleasurable way of maintaining prostate health.

“There are two known benefits of prostate stimulation”, says Come As You Are co-owner Cory Silverberg. “The first is that you’re expressing the prostate fluid that needs to be expressed and the second is that you’re encouraging blood flow to the area.” Plus it’s one hell of an orgasm.
In the workshops, “students” learn various prostate stimulation techniques including both internal and external massages. Though Silverberg admits some straight men still balk at the idea of receiving a massage “down there,” he says the workshops are gaining popularity.

Of course, you can still reduce your risk by eating right and exercising more often. But why hit the gym and eat veggies when you can just get laid, or sit at your computer and check out porn?

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