Primal Bell

Even if you’re not as demanding as muscle-building enthusiast and proud owner of 22 inch arms CT Fletcher (recorded here commanding his muscles to grow), you can’t deny that this kettlebell from Onnit, the Primal Bell Chimp ($85), isn’t a thing of ugly beauty.

Weighing in at 1 pood (16 kilos; the pood is a measurement still used for Russian kettlebell training), this chimp-faced kettlebell is made of chip-resistant iron, has an enlarged handle for better grip, and was re-sculpted many times to achieve perfect balance.

So, why lift weights with an ugly, grinning chimps head? Well, if Charles Atlas could get inspired by having sand kicked in his face, why not focus all that raw hatred conducive to weight training on a chimp that’s laughing at your inability to do just one more rep?

This is a test