Running Off the Festivities


Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Bacchanalia – spare tires know no religion. With all their booze and fatty foods, Holiday parties – especially the professional ones you can’t blow off – can make a guy so unattractive he actually notices it.

Running is the best way to shed fat. And running outside in winter is exquisite food for the soul.

Try to wring more efficiency from your run. You draw your run on a Googlemap, complete with icons for pit stops and highlights. Then enter variable data to calculate calories burned. You can even log your training there to plot your long-term goals.

Say you’re ‘injured’ and don’t want to run now. Try Enter your weight, weight loss goals, and what you’re eating. It calculates the number of calories you should consume and burn in a day to reach your goal. It also estimates the number of calories in the foods you log, so you can track your intake.

Maybe all this sounds girlish, but modern fashion is unforgivingly snug.

If you do decide to run outside, first read these tips. The most important: don’t overdress. As low as minus five, a long-sleeve moisture wicking shirt and a goretex windbreaker are all you need for your core. Just worry about the extremities: good gloves, hat for the ears and, well, be sure to double-wrap the old chap.

10 minutes of frostbite there and you’ll be longing for problems as petty as your spare tire.

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