The Best in Beach Volleyball

Ah, the jiggling and glistening flesh of beach volleyball. It warms you up when the wind blows cold. Just because Woodbine beach is iced-over doesn’t mean you can’t find the same spiking and bumping that you remember from months ago. Go and play some indoor beach volleyball.

Get a group together and rent a court at Beachblast or take your girlfriend and sign up for their Beach Blitz tournaments. The next one starts mid-January so you can holiday shop before rushing to the phone to reserve your spot. They also do parties for adults for those that like heavy breathing and drinks…

You’re a night owl? Then Rock the Sandbox every Friday and Saturday night at North Beach Volleyball. It starts at 9:30pm and it’s open till 2am every week for beach parties with bikinis, leather balls and good drinks. If you’re just looking for a little impromptu volleyball you can drop in Monday-Thursday from 11am to 7pm to play pick-up. Be warned, however, as volleyball medalists practice here so the competition can be steep.

Looking to score with your head too? Head to The Hangar for a mix of indoor soccer and volleyball. (Avoid their parties unless you like lots of little kids running around.) You can’t get drinks here so it’s all about your game. Drop-in play here is similar to North Beach volleyball; an annual membership at either lets you play at both locations. The Hangar is all about sport so don’t go here if you’re looking for socialites in bathing suits.

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