Where to Curl in Vancouver

If the Vancouver Olympics are any indication, curling rules. Remember the Norwegians’ argyle pants and the rowdy Canadian fans? Herewith, the best places to get in on the action.

North Shore Winter Club
If your boss likes to torture you with lame bonding activities, suggest spicing things up with NSWC’s Team Building on Ice. The all-day workshop (about $40/person) includes lessons, a game and cocktails in the lounge. The club also offers Learn to Curl Lessons. Three sessions ($60, starting Oct. 16) will prepare you for the twice-monthly Saturday Night Party. 1325 Keith Rd. E., 604-985-4135.

Marpole Curling Club
Get into the game by joining a league at this friendly club; the Granite Novice Curling League is still looking for players. Watch the website for drop-in sessions or get your own group together and rent some ice. Ice rental comes with rocks, grippers, brooms and throwing sticks, and brief instruction if you’re all beginners. 8730 Heather St., 604-327-3400.

Richmond Curling Club
Thursday night hosts group drop-in lessons (9 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.; $10, including gear), but if you’re ready to commit, join the Learn to Curl League ($250), which allows you to play and learn all season. 5540 Hollybridge Way, 604-278-1722.

Vancouver Curling Club
If you want to play on the same ice where Kevin Martin and company won gold, get in with this club, which will inherit the Vancouver Olympic Centre next year. If you have a little experience, the monthly intermediate clinics ($20 for two hours) will allow you to fine-tune your skills. 4460 Dinmont Ave., 604-874-0122.

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