April Fool’s PSA: Fake Babies Coming Your Way

Does your significant other have money to burn, a mischievous streak, and a reason to make you squirm? If so, be on the lookout for the infamous fake baby prank.

Our crack team of investigators (and by that we mean Eugene, our accounts manager) have discovered Fake A Baby, possibly the most nefarious site on the internet.

For a mere $225.95, your extremely well-paid wife or girlfriend can buy a silicon fake pregnancy belly, which probably looks quite real under a shirt.

The ruse doesn’t end there, though. For $19.95, they’ll create personalized fake proof of pregnancy documents. Personalized! $24.95 will get a fake DNA test, $19.95, will get fake ultrasounds, and $9.95 will get a fake pregnancy test… although, if your girlfriend buys a ten dollar fake test instead of a ten dollar real test, maybe she’s not so savvy.

What do the people behind Fake A Baby have to say for themselves? Just this:

“This item has the potential to be used irresponsibly. By completing and submitting the form below, you agree not to use this product for purposes which may be illegal, immoral, fraudulent or hurtful to others. Like almost any item in existence, this product may be used for fun or for evil, depending solely on the intentions of the user. It is designed as a novelty/gag device. Be sure your “mark” has a sense of humor before unleashing this product upon them! We again urge CAUTION when using gags which have the potential of causing emotional harm (as almost any gag or practical joke does). KNOW YOUR VICTIM. Many people will not find this issue humorous in the slightest. Be sure your “mark” has an “evolved” sense of humor.”

Okay, Fake A Baby, we’ll agree to find this funny when you agree that our new site, Fake A Baby With Our Fake Mistress, is funny.

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