The Stealth Snowmobile

Let the Americans have their military dolphins and the Iranians flaunt their inexplicable flying boats—soon, Canada will be able to answer that military nuttiness with our very own stealth snowmobiles.

According to the Canadian Press, the military has been secretly testing out the $620,000 vehicles. Dubbed Loki after the Norse god of trickery, the stealth snowmobiles are hybrid-electrics that are reportedly just as fast as regular gas guzzling snowmobiles—just much quieter and more expensive.

Fortunately, we’ll be able to keep this valuable weapon out of the hands of our rivals, as the Loki is being developed Waterloo-based CrossChasm Technologies. That said, it is perhaps a bit unclear as to who we’ll be fighting in the far north, given that Russia is likely to simply fly over the Arctic in the case of war and we’re still at peace with the Walrus League. For now.

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