The Best Secret Santa Gifts For Under $25

Holiday time at the office means it’s time to once again pick a name out of a hat, then spend the next few weeks stressing out about how to pick the least awkward gift possible for under $25 (typically for someone you barely know, like Lynn from accounting or Gerry in IT).   You don’t want to seem like you’ve thought too much about it, but you also don’t want to show up with something entirely thoughtless (like a gift card).    Not to worry, we’ve scoured the internet and come up with this year’s list of great gifts under $25 – just click the links and you’re set!


Mafiti Wine Aerator 

This Mafiti wine aerator is the perfect gift (and the ultimate travel accessory). An aerator improves and enhances a wine’s flavor and bouquet, giving it a smoother finish via a breathing process. It’s immediate and has a large pouring capacity and no-drip design.


Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker

These speakers are small, discreet, and most importantly, powerful. It’s compatible with most smartphones and tablets, and featuring a deep, rich sound quality. it’s easy to pair and even features a Selfie Remote Shutter Function, with up to 4 hours of playtime.


Zippo Hand Warmer


This might not be the most tech-savvy on the list, but Zippo is a classic brand, and who doesn’t have freezing, chapped hands on those bitterly cold days? Using Zippo fluid, this will keep you so warm and are on the wish list of everyone who gets cold easily.


RFID Blocking Leather Wallet and Money Clip

Every guy needs a good leather money clip. And if it happens to have RFID blocking feature that is anti-theft, even better! A classic piece with a modern, tech-savvy twist, all for under $25. This light-weight cowhide accessory features an easy pull-tab and embodies style meeting function.


Reusable Whiskey Chilling Stones


Putting your whiskey on the rocks is terrible. While we mentioned in a past article that adding a drop or two of water can be beneficial, too-diluted liquor is gross and ruins the taste. You can avoid that with these badass steel chilling stones for scotch and whiskey – and they look stylish too.


Ultralight Portable Camping Stove


This camping stove is the ultimate secret Santa gifts for outdoorsy guys. A portable, collapsible design allows for ultralight packing, and the powerful flame doesn’t sacrifice quality, though it’s space-saving. The flame control and general construction (along with warranty) make this a must for our list.


How To Live Like A Gentleman: Lessons In Manners, Life, And Style

This etiquette and general gentlemen lifestyle guide is what every man is missing, but doesn’t know about. From tips on dressing and hand-shaking to tying a tie, and small talk, this book covers the “potentially awkward moments that Maxim and Esquire don’t cover”.


Hydrating Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil


Beard oils are so last year – this time around, it’s all about protecting your skin from the elements with a subtly scented pre-shave oil – this Sandalwood Rocky Mountain Barber piece is a perfect choice. It’s extra hydrating, reduces inflammation, and uses all natural essential oil.


Sony Over The Ear Headphones


Who doesn’t want a pair of sleek black  Sony headphones for Christmas? Plus, the over the ear style doubles as ear muffs when it’s below 0 outside. For a swivel style, comfortable design and rich sound at just under 20 bucks, you might as well snag yourself a pair.


Men’s 4-Piece Fashion Accessories Set


This is a pretty classy four piece set, and it comes in a stylish range of colors. Our favourite is the Dark Blue. For just $15, you get a timeless necktie, cufflinks, pocket square, and clip. Perfect for a business trip or a casual lunch meet-up with friends.

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