Calgary’s Adults-Only Cinema To Serve Beer & Cocktails

Moviegoers looking to kick back and relax at the theatre without the distraction of teens using cell phones and families making lots of noise can do so with a drink in their hands at a standalone adults-only theatre in Calgary’s University District.

The VIP experience will be one of just two Cineplex theatres in Canada focused solely on adult moviegoers, the company announced in a release. It will feature five auditoriums and a lounge.

“VIP Cinemas is movie-going made for adults and our new theatre will be the perfect destination for Calgarians to socialize with friends and relax in a luxurious and refined setting designed just for them,” commented Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex.

The theatre will include luxury recliners, and guests will have the option of having food and drinks delivered to their seats. In addition to traditional snacks such as popcorn, people will be able to order salad, burgers, pizzas, deserts, as well as “handcrafted cocktails, wines and premium craft beers.”

The lounge will cater to moviegoers who would like to eat or drink before or after watching a film. It’s a one-stop destination for adults looking for a night out.

The theatre will open in late 2021. Cinemas typically upcharge on concessions, so it’s likely a beer will cost more than it does at the pub, but you’re paying for the ability to have a drink and avoid disruptive children.

The theatre will be centrally located between the U of C and the Children’s Hospital where Calgarians can easily access it via walking, biking or public transit. Although, if drinking is involved it’s probably not a good idea to bike to the new Cineplex adult-only theatre.

The area features residential, retail, and office space alongside restaurants, shops, and other entertainment. The second VIP Cinemas is located in Calgary in Seton. The theatre chain also has The Rec Room at Deerfoot City in northeast Calgary, which features dining, amusement games, and live entertainment.


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