Canada Post Strike Still Looming

Snail mail in 2018 might not seem like a big deal. It’s mostly junk mail nowadays, anyway, right? But for those still who receive cheques or rely on the postal mail for documents like visas and credit cards, the whole operation is somewhat anxiety-inducing.

A possible Canada Post strike might occur by the end of the month, due to a dispute concerning pay discrepancies between rural and urban workers. Urban workers are paid hourly and more than rural carriers, who get paid according to their route size and hence suffer a decreased hourly rate.  To date, 94% of carriers in urban areas voted for job action, and 96% of rural carriers voted for the same.

After a review, an arbitrator ordered both sides to make amends to this pay discrepancy by the end of August 2018, but no agreement was ever met and the deadline is long past due.

If this strike occurs, the majority of mail service will be put to a stop starting on September 26th a new contract with the Crown corporation can’t be reached with the union.

Employment Minister Patty Hajdu says, “Our government believes in a fair and balanced approach to labour relations.” She has also ensured that an agreement will be made.

While many consider the Canada Post to be irrelevant in modern times, it is still technically an essential service, which means that the federal government can table legislation, forcing workers back to their carrier duties in the case of a strike. This last occurred in 2011.

We’re all in when it comes to the fight for equality, but we also want to be able to check our mail while we support our country’s fine labour workers! The strike isn’t on 100%, but be sure to check your local news sources for updates over the next week.

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