Canadian Astronaut’s Photo Of The Toronto-Montreal Corridor Is Incredible

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques has a room with a view most of us will never see. He recently posted a photo on Twitter—from space—of how close Canada’s east coast cities are to one another.

And it’s quite a scene.

While there is 798 km between Toronto and Quebec City, Saint-Jacques’ photo makes it appear as though they are just inches apart.

He captioned the photo: “The Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City corridor comes alight after sunset, all visible through one Cupola window. #DareToExplore #ExploringEarth #EarthObservation.”

The Twitterverse was fascinated by the image, which caused a lot of buzz among its users.

“This picture is B-E-A-U-TIFUL!! Hailing from Montreal! I want this framed! Just wow!” noted one.

There were also some comments about the cities’ bright lights.

“I would have thought Toronto would generate more wattage than all the other nearby cities. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing this,” observed another.

“A good example of light pollution indeed,” one guy pointed out.

Still another person jokingly suggested connecting all the cities with a Hyperloop.

Saint-Jacques, 48, has been posting frequently about his journey and updates from the Canadian Space Agency.

He is the ninth Canadian astronaut to travel into space and the first to do since Chris Hadfield did in 2013. He launched into orbit in December and is sharing a space laboratory with Anne McClain of NASA and Oleg Kononeko of the Russian space agency Ruscosmos. Their mission is to support science and time-critical operations.

Saint-Jacques, a native of Quebec, is in charge of operating the Canadarm2 and other maintenance duties.


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