CVS Teams Up With USPS To Make Medication Accessible

We’re in an age of mega-corporations joining forces to beat out the smaller ones, and the latest news on that front is the merging of prescription and other retail items provider CVS with the US Postal Service.

Prescription and grocery delivery from the chain makes sense. Many impaired individuals who need support find it difficult to make their way to the pharmacy in order to get a refill when it could be sent to the comfort of their own home. For just an additional 4.99, customers can get their hands on everything from medications to shampoo, and not have to worry about accessibility, mobility, or travel issues.

CVS customers can get deliveries via the CVS app or call their local neighbourhood store. CVS is the first national retailer to bring front store and prescription delivery chain wide, in every location.

It’s meant to make staying healthy easier for consumers all over, customizing the digital consumer experience as is the trend in recent times. The move also comes as an innovative response to the brands falling sales as they face potential competition from Amazon, Pillpack Inc. and Capsule Corp.

While many praise CVS for getting ahead of Amazon and the rest of the pack, startups with similar services have criticism that this move is impersonal, and that personalization is the key to success within a move like this. Maybe that’s where Amazon will excel, or where we’ll see the industry start to be taken over by startups.

As the playing field of the ever-evolving pharmacy and consumer experience keep changing, we can’t wait to see what collaboration comes next.

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