Celebrate 420 With “Marley Natural”

It’s everyone’s favourite hazy holiday, and even if partaking in ganja consumption isn’t your jam, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be part of the annual April celebration.

We thought the perfect way to do that would be to peruse the Marley Natural shop.  The line was created in collaboration with the famous reggae singer’s estate and celebrates the Rastafarian superstar and his legacy.

Their newest skincare line pays homage to hemp by using hemp seed oil. This ingredient is the derivative of Bob Marley’s favourite plant in the world and repping Jamaican pride.

Apart from hemp, Products are filled with sumptuous essential oils and botanicals that belong to Jamaica, such as coconut oil, lemongrass, and turmeric. Whether you prefer happy hour with your bong or a glass of wine, this cold-pressed oil contains a ton of essential fatty acids, making for an incredible moisturizer.

Just like a good moisturizer, 420 has the power to better the lives of millions all over and bring  peace to people. With legalization spreading all over the map like wildfire, it’s time to educate ourselves about the emerging world of cannabis.

Now, you might be wondering just how this day came around as an annual stoner holiday. Some use it to celebrate the herb’s power to unite and dispel confrontation while others use it for more political purposes in terms of legalization and passionate rallies.

The generally accepted story (but a possible myth) is that in 1971, a group of kids attending a high school in San Rafael, California would have a routine 4:20 pm meet-up after school to light up. The code for it at school was “420 Louis”, representing the meeting place at a Louis Pasteur statue at that specific time.

Now, it’s a shorthand for pot-smokers all over the world, after Grateful Dead and surrounding communities caught on. For those who think high school stoners can’t achieve anything astonishing, this historical anecdote (if it’s really true) really proves that assumption wrong.

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