Introducing The World’s First Alexa-Enabled Bicycle

If you rely on Amazon Alexa and wish you could incorporate the device even further in your day-to-day activities, you’re in luck. The personal assistant will soon be included in a range of bicycles.

Later this year consumers will be able to purchase a bike called the Cybic Legend that integrates Alexa on its platform, reports TechRadar. The bike company is also developing an electric bike, the Cybic E-Legend, which will be presented at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The Cybic bikes are the first to include Amazon’s voice assistant. The goal is for riders to interact with Alexa and perform simple tasks without being distracted. For example, instead of manually turning on a bike’s lights when it gets dark, you can ask Alexa to do so.

Another great feature is Alexa’s ability to dictate directions. The device can also give traffic and weather updates. Riders will no longer have to check their smartwatches or mobile devices for the information.  They can keep their eyes on the road instead.

Almost done with your ride and feeling a bit hungry? Use Alexa to order food in advance. The personal assistant can also pull up your favourite playlist when you’re in the mood for some rock ‘n roll.

Currently, the bike is set for release in the UK later this year, but it’s likely it will also be available in North America since it’s going on display at CES 2019. Halfords will be the official UK distributor next summer. The bikes will feature touchscreen displays, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS and Vodafone 3G Sim cards with three years of free data. The bikes will also include a security lock and alarm.

“We’ve seen innovations in alternative commuting go from strength to strength and after electric bikes, we predict that the next big trend for commuters will be smart bikes,” Halfords’ Andy Whitehall told Pocket-Lint.

“The technology will help cyclists with many things including getting traffic updates, getting turn-by-turn directions, personalized light settings, playing music and much more.”

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