No Longer Taboo? Men Who Use Makeup Steadily Growing

Women have been using makeup for years to enhance their features, cover up skin problems, and make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. With the proliferation of social media and selfies, more and more men are realizing that what nature has given them doesn’t always cut it. As a result, some of them are turning to makeup to subtlety alter their appearance.

These days, looking clean and polished requires more than a shower and a quick shave. Barry Beck, co-founder of Bluemercury, a beauty retailer for Macy’s Inc., told MarketWatch: “Men are realizing they have to be on more than ever. Looking good is more than just a suit and a watch.”

Men are increasingly buying products to make themselves look better. This goes beyond traditional personal grooming habits. In this digital age, both men and women want to look attractive online and in person. So, what are men’s new go-to products? They’re using concealer, bronzer, and eyebrow gel. Men are also going to salons for manicures, facials and for professional hair coloring.

A man’s desire to look good has spurred cosmetic companies to take advantage of their vanity. Tom Ford and MMUK just launched male cosmetic ranges that feature concealer, mascara, as well as a beard and brow filler. 

Male beauty influencers are also becoming more popular and are representing companies such as L’Oréal and Covergirl. Giulia Prati, associate director of beauty research at L2, Inc., noted: “Social platforms like YouTube and Instagram have helped popularize men’s use of beauty products, enabling the rise of social influencers like James Charles who signed as Covergirl’s first Cover Boy, Manny Gutierrez, signed with Maybelline, and Patrick Starrr.”

Vismay Sharma, the U.K. managing director of L’Oréal, believes stores will include special sections for men’s makeup within the next five years. He explained, “Today you have a very small proportion of men who want to use make up products, but that proportion is growing and it will continue to grow. I think it’s just awareness – two things are happening, men know they can use make up, and they know what it does when you use it. The second thing is that the taboos are going, so between my generation and my son’s generation the taboos are very different.”

While some believe makeup for men is just a fad, others think it will catch on. What will men look like 20 years from now? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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