North And South Korea Unite In Face Of Trump’s America

After 10  years of pain, nuclear weapons and turmoil, North Korea and South Korea have finally arrived at a peace agreement to bring a formal end to the Korean War, thanks to the Korean summit declaration. South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un were photographed in an iconic handshake, which took place after the leaders’ 10 years of refusing to meet with each other.

On April 27, the two regions made amends to end the raging war between them and unite forces. Although these amends were dubiously vague, summed up in “complete decentralization of the Korean Peninsula” with no set goals, it’s ultimately a big step of unity and cohesion for a land that has been endlessly and ferociously divided.

In divisive times like today, it might seem bizarre that a supposedly hopeless feud would somehow come to an agreement, in the midst of 2018’s chaos. But it’s precisely because of this chaos that the two regions were able to reach some peace. After all, they do say that revolution occurs at the height of war and mayhem, and this historic moment definitely proves that.

Only in the age of the U.S. electing an orange-hued reality star for president could these two world leaders confide in each other and wholeheartedly declare that they need to join forces in the face of this unbelievable reality.

While Trump has torn many lives and relationships apart with his toxic government takeover, he’s also strangely enough given people the power to join together in harmony as a logical authority regarding the now even more jumbled up world of American politics.

His level of insanity is now starting to end the tug of war between international world leaders. It’s lifting the fog of irreconcilable differences and bringing about a much-needed clarity. Who knew we needed a psychopath in office to begin achieving world peace?

It makes sense, in a way. North and South Korea were afforded the luxury of discord with the saint that was Obama, but with Trump, there is no space to be on opposing sides and find a way to survive.

So maybe the world won’t end in the apocalypse, at the end of this presidential term, but will instead be a marker of real change. Maybe what we’ve needed the whole time is a universal shit-stirrer office to play the bad guy, in order for everyone else to finally band together against systemic corruption.

However, this growing possibility of world peace won’t come without a cost, and probably won’t end well for the U.S.  Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Un definitely have something up their sleeve in terms of uniting and conquer that probably isn’t going end well for Trump (even though he sent an oblivious and unaware congratulations via his favorite platform, Twitter).

Jong Un has never had a good guy agenda, and we hope that this move doesn’t drag the United States through the mud even more than it’s been through this election.

But ultimately, this is a historic win for all nations, and a step in the right direction, regardless of what insanity will happen next, and who may face the consequences.

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