Oculus Go VR Headset: Affordable & Possible Game Changer

Most virtual reality headsets cost at least $500 US, but Facebook is introducing the Oculus Go for just $199, making it more accessible for those who don’t want to spend half a grand on a VR device.

A 2017 survey by GlobalWebIndex found that only 4 percent of internet users worldwide owned a VR headset. Will this newly affordable headset tempt less tech-hungry people to get in on the action?

The company notes on its website: “Break free of the confines of traditional 2D screens with your favourite entertainment, level up your play style from inside the game, and spend quality time hanging out with friends—no matter how far apart you may be. Oculus Go delivers all this and more in a convenient standalone form factor and at an attractive price point that promises to radically change the game for consumer VR.”

The Oculus Go does not require a specific smartphone or pricey computer to use. It doesn’t matter if you own a PC or a Mac, an iPhone or an Android. It’s cordless and features built-in speakers. Even people who wear glasses say it’s comfortable to use. A bonus: you can order prescription lenses to insert into the device. The interface is intuitive, and it allows users to watch 360-degree videos, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and 3D movies.

One of the main components of the Go is social media. The revamped Oculus Rooms app features customized avatars and allows users to invite friends to their rooms, play games, watch movies, or share photos.

The Venues feature allows people to watch live events, including baseball games, stand-up comedy shows, and concerts.

One of the downsides is that with just 1,000 VR experiences the Go doesn’t offer nearly as much content as smartphones or gaming consoles. Another drawback is the “3DoF” controller, which is limited to just three movements. More advanced (and more expensive) VR headsets are more immersive and better address motion sickness.

Battery life on the Go is also limited because it’s cordless—it allows just one to two hours for gaming and watching TV or other videos.

Some of the content the Go offers include Anshar Online, Augmented Empire, WANDS, and Spark of Light.


  • 538ppi 2560 x 1440 WQHD
  • Fast-switch LCD display
  • Built-in spatial audio
  • integrated microphone
  • $199 USD for 32 GB of storage
  • $249 USD for 64 GB of storage



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